National Taiwan Normal University
Chinese Language
162, HePing East Road, Section 1
106 Taipei

10 alumni

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei : 10 alumni

Chinese Language

Ndiawar D.
Ndiawar DIAGNE
Philippe BARDOL
Directeur de la Zone Chine - Hong Kong
Sebastien LEBIGOT
Stay at home dad, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Marketing Manager
Mathilde Colo-Wu
Traductrice chinois mandarin - français / Communication Interculturelle
Anthony LI
Online Project Manager, Michael Page International
Romain Depin 邦睿
Front-End Manager / Lead Developer, IFCHIC Inc. (Group K.S. Terminals)
Evening classes of Mandarin (Traditional characters). 10 hours per week for a 3-month term that i attended after work. 夜校漢語(繁體字符)。工作後我參加為期3個月期限,每週10個小時。
Sébastien Rosso
Tactical planner 18''+, Michelin
Cyril VINCIENNE Développement Commercial
Oil & Gas et lndustrie
Chinese Language
18 mois d'apprentissage intensif du mandarin (lu, écrit et parlé)